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The Fabric Patch

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Serrated Embroidery Scissors

UPC: 3637060140
Manufacturer #: 60140

Serrated Embroidery Scissors 5 1/2"


Serrated Embroidery Scissors

Manufacturer #: 30178

7" Fine Serrated Scissors


Ultimate Machine Embroidery Bundle

Day 3 Mother's Day is the wonderful bundle from RNK that includes a Tassel and Fringe Maker, Rhinestone Kit, EZ Snips Scissors, Serrated Micro tip Straight Scissors, Micro Duckbill Applique Scissors, Thread Nest Tool, Precision Turning Tool, Embroidery Pe


Gingher 7.5" Pinking Shears

Every sewer's must-have cutting implement to provide a ravel-resistant edge to fabric. Cuts a perfect zigzag edge on fabric to prevent unraveling. Knife edge blade grind effortlessly cuts through multiple layers of fabric from joint to tip every time. Ser