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The Fabric Patch


Hiroshima Needles by Tulip

Sku:1510889634, 1510889635, 1510889637, 1510889638, 1510889658, 1510889659, 1510941747, 1510941749, 1510941754, 1510942179, 1510942186, 1510942188, 1510942190, 1510942195, 1510942202, 1510942208, 1510942210, 1510942219, 1510942216, 1510942166, 1510942228, 1510942236, 1510942234, 1510942240, 1510942242, 1510942260, 1510945392, 1510945401, 1510945406, 1510945412, 1510945417, 1510945839, 1510945848, 1510945858, 1510945852

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Below you will find  the features of these precision  needles and it's ALL true!  If you like to see how they are made just click here.  

Smooth piercing enables easy sewing

It is the shape of the needle that, to some degree, determines your stitching. Tulip's needles, with the strength and durability of steel, are ideal.

A quality eye that prevents snagging

The ideal shape of this needle, along with its beautifully made eye, which is large and allows for easy threading, are its main features.

Smooth, difficult to bend or break

This needle is a product of Tulip's highly detailed precision processing technology, which makes use of state of the art fields such as machine testing. Our special processing and surface treatment have produced a body of ideal strength that is smooth.