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The Fabric Patch


Cindi Rang, Owner

Cindi learned to quilt from her frugal grandmother while learning to make her own clothes, and didn't know there was such a thing as "batting" until she was 22. She loves quilting, every aspect of it, from hand embroidery and hand applique to machine quilting and long arming. She enjoys the ability to make a quick quilt in two hours, and the challenge and reverence of a hand pieced quilt that takes three years. Cindi has been designing quilts, bags, wallhangings and pincushions and writing patterns for 20 years. She has over 80 original designs and has been featured in international and national publications. Cindi is a retired Nurse Practitioner. She leads most of the clubs, teaches many of the classes, and hosts most of the videos/tutorials featured on the you-tube channel. 

Brianna Rang Motzkus

At the tender age of 4 she sat down for the first time and learned to sew. She was so small that her mom had to put the foot pedal on the table and she guided the fabric with her left hand and pushed the pedal with the right.  When she was 6 her mom (Cindi Rang) opened The Fabric Patch in Ephrata Wa. Brianna has been in the shop for nearly 20 years. She has taught quilting classes, designed some of the shops best selling patterns in the shop, won countless awards and has worked as the store manager since she graduated from Seattle Art Institute where she majored in Fine Arts and Textile Design.Brianna is exceptional at predicting future trends in fabric design and quilt design because of her experience. She prides herself in designing quilt patterns that are for many skill levels and provides very accurate yardage so the customer has very little waste. She has sold 1000’s of her own patterns just out of one shop.  She started long arming at 6 and at 16 was professionally quilting for customers.

Lizzy Rang and Maizey Mae Motzkus
The PR team of Lizzy and Maizey are perfect... and neither one can tell which one we are calling when we say their name! Our two redheads love to greet you at the door and search your bag for treats. Neither one will help you pick out fabric or even offer an opinion... but they are so adorable a hug and a smile is really all you need from them.When they are not working... Lizzie goes home with Cindi and Maizie goes home with Brianna (unless Nana steals her first).
                                                                       Tracy ColeTracy is our Shipping Manager. She handles every package with special care and speed to get it to you as soon as possible. She also helps with the phone, emails and even teaching! Tracy is a Multi Media Artist, Master Gardener, Yogi Master and absolute angel! We love that she tries so hard to keep us all healthy by bringing her kale and seaweed snacks that we use to top our cupcakes (well.... we scrape it off first....)

                                                                            Denise Woodward
Denise has worked in the store since November 2021 and excells out front. She knows where every fabric is and LOVES to help you pick out fabric! She is a long time quilter, as is her husband Devon, and they battle over who gets to use the longarm at home!

                                                                           Carolyn Harris (AKA  CK or Peaches)                                                                                                                             
Her life belonged to the dogs for 40 years as she owned a dog grooming business. She also is a dog trainer for 43 years . She's involved with 4-H and has been for 33 years. She started quilting 28 years ago and has never stopped. She loves machine applique and Bargello quilts which are top of her list. Hobbies are quilting and scrap booking.

                                                                    Sabrina and Sarah StrongSabrina and Sarah Strong a mother and daughter Duo.  Two Strong women one sweet and the other a little sassy (we will let you decide who is who 😉) they love to help you find that special sparkle to make your quilt really shine.
Our Sewing Machine Technicians

Jordan Rang
Jordan Rang is the oldest of the Rang children. Jordan went into the Navy right out of high school. He received letters of commendation from Army Generals and Fleet commanders for his mechanical ability while in Afghanistan and Guam, but left the Navy after 6 years because he missed his family (...mostly his mom... says Cindi).

He does most of the machine repairs. He is a certified technician and even makes house calls for long arms. He is at the shop cleaning and repairing machines every Friday. Most of the time your machine is ready by the time you are done shopping... no need to be without it for long! 

Jordan is the proud father of 3, Eliza (8), Orion (4) and Aurora (2), and he is married to Brianna's husband's sister...   Brother and sister married brother and sister. Yes, their children look alike!

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