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The Fabric Patch



Let us introduce you to the newest and best from Pfaff. They don't call it "Icon" for nothing!  Check it out below.  


For over 150 years, PFAFF® has developed premium sewing machines distinguished by their sophisticated appearance, superior performance and exhibiting ultimate design freedom.
 A close watch on industry needs and trends has become increasingly important as sewing has evolved from a necessity to a form of creative expression. And this evolution is something we take very seriously. It has inspired our product development to be driven by insight, not just demand. And as a result, our products embody the innovative technology and best-in-class craftsmanship required by today’s most passionate creators — required by those who wish to stand out in a crowd. We believe the search for individuality will always be in style.  Perfection starts here™. 

What's so different about PFAFF? Watch to find out!

New Admire Air 500 Air Threading Serger

Save time and create more than ever before with the help of the PFAFF® admire™ air 5000 jet air 4-thread overlock machine!
This amazing serger features air threading loopers, a built-in needle threader, 4/3/2 thread sewing,
15 stitches, interchangeable feet, LED lighting, and Lay-in tension



This sewing and embroidery machine offers a range of impressive features and creative possibilities, as well as an incredible diversity of designs. Make an impact!
Let one thing lead to another. Now is the ideal time to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. The PFAFF® sewing and embroidery machine offers a range of impressive features and creative possibilities, as well as an incredible diversity of designs. Let one thing lead to another as you combine designs and then turn them into an infinite number of stunning creations with kaleidoscope effects. All you need to do is unleash your individuality and creativity to ignite the exclusive technology of the PFAFF® sewing and embroidery machine. Are you ready to make an impact?


Creative™ 3.0

The advanced capabilities of this sewing and embroidery machine will bring out the designer in you. Wherever your imagination takes you, the results are always perfect! If you're searching for inspiration, new skills to master, and opportunities to express your own personal style. Then you need a sewing machine that meets your needs today with the potential to expand your creativity in the future. If you love embroidery and the almost limitless possibility it represents. Then, this is your perfect machine: creative™ 3.0.


Professional quilting power and features in an efficient, compact machine.Your new quilt projects require free-motion quilting, but you’ve been struggling to fit your project in a small space. The PFAFF® powerquilter™ 16.0 quilting machine is the perfect solution.




Whether you are seeking a sewing machine for a small space or one perfectly designed for travel and classes – this is it.

The PFAFF® Passport 3.0™

is specially designed for small spaces, as well as going places such as classes, retreats or any sewing journey. It is your license to venture out in the world and discover new ways and new places to sew! No limits. Just freedom.

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