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Back Porch by Janet Rae Nesbitt for Henry Glass

Fabric > Back Porch by Janet Rae Nesbitt for Henry Glass
Janet Nesbitt, the owner of ONE S1STER LLC., a web-based quilt design company is premiering a new fabric collection, "My Back Porch." The collection is full of old, well-loved, well-used and repurposed items such as rusty red well-buckets, chipped and scraped tool caddies, rusty old tubs and weathered step- stools. These items are filled to overflowing with floral blooms bursting in full color. These colors can be described as weathered, worn and loved with accent that are more robust and full of life. The designs in the collection include faux applique panel 24" x 44", folk art flowers, tossed sunflowers, pillar stripes, check florals and must have basics and yarn dyes. Janet has always been an avid scrap quilter with a passion for mixing prints and plaids that incorporate a unique sense of color.
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