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The Fabric Patch


Featherweight Tune-up Kit AND Pre-Recorded Class

This is the complete set* to get your Featherweight properly suited and working smoothly again.

  1. The Singer Featherweight 221 Maintenance & Service Handbook NEW
  2. Belt - High Quality Black Replacement Featherweight Superbelt
  3. Four (4) Foot Controller Cushion Feet / Pads
  4. Four (4) gray Bed Cushions Feet / Pads
  5. LED Light Bulb (bright white) 110v
  6. Rubber Honing Stick
  7. Maintenance Log Book
  8. Sew-Retro Oil
  9. Sew-Retro Grease
  10. Felt Drip Pad Liner
  11. Lint Cleaning Brush
  12. Three (3) Micro Cleaning Brush Swabs

*Kits are premade, so products may not be switched or substituted.

Your Pre-Recorded class will be emailed instructions on how to watch our tech demonstrate the cleaning of your featherweights. The email you use at check out will be emailed the instructions as soon as the transaction is complete

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